What is a contact drop?


You are out and happen to break out of your introvert bubble/ friend group security blanket and meet someone cool that you may want to get to know better. What do you do?

a. Exchange social media and never talk to them again

b. Exchange phone numbers…and never talk to them again

With Contact Drop, you don’t have to exchange handles or phone numbers. At the end of the event, you’ll be connected through the recess app with everyone who opted in at the event and can participate in daily prompts to see who you’d like to get to know better.

As you continue to go to more events in your city, we will also show you how many events you all have been to together that you may have not realized, so that you can find people who like the same kinds of things that you are into.

This is our solution to helping you find real friends, instead of just random followers (who most likely live far away) online.