Thanks for considering writing about recess! Below is some information about what we are building.

Welcome to recess, the social app designed for genuine connections beyond the screen. Embrace the charm of going outside and meeting people the “old-fashioned way”, but with a modern twist. You’ll only be able to sign up for our app by going outside, to a recess event.

Requirements for a recess event:

Rule #1: cannot solely be a networking event

Rule #2: cannot solely be a dance party or “meet at a bar” event

Rule #3: must be centered around a niche attraction or theme

Rule #4: work/career cannot be the main topic of discussion

Rule #5: must be introvert friendly (hence Rules #1-4)

Key Features:

🌟 Unique Local Events: Discover and connect at local events curated for genuine interactions (no awkward networking events here)! From secret concerts, niche fandom events to pop-up performances, our events are tailored for authentic connections.

🤝 Contact Drops: At each recess event, scan the provided QR code to receive a contact drop: a way to connect effortlessly with tonight’s attendees and foster meaningful relationships. Enjoy the event, then seamlessly connect with people later on the app.

🔍 Missed Connections: Explore missed connections from events and deepen your connections with our weekly recess prompts. Uncover shared interests and create lasting relationships.

recess is not just an app; it's a social experience reimagined. Step outside, make real connections, and let the recess journey begin!


recess is founded by Bee Law and Joél Ramirez.